Organic Wool Teething Bibs

You love their adorable little (actually big!) smile, with the two baby teeth popping up beyond their lower lip. So cute! And then look down to the cute little outfit – likely wet with constant drooling that comes with breaking new teeth.

No matter what my methods were to have the clothing look perfect for that 1 yr baby photo, the big wet blotch found its way to the shirt before the camera shutter could snap the shot! Disappointed then, I look back on those photos with affection – the drool is all part of the joyful memories of my babies.

But how comfy can it be for baby to wear clothing that is constantly feeling wet & clammy? LANACare came up with the nifty solution of a Teething Bib. Organic wool, that is soothingly soft, absorbs the moisture, and still feels dry & warm!

And a clever customer came up with the idea of placing the bib underneath the clothing! So even if baby’s shirt inevitably looks wet, your baby will still feel dry & warm. Or you can place the bib outside as well, as LANACare first conceived it.

Duvet Cover For Baby Wool Blanket?

Nancy Sent a Question:


I bought your LANACare Baby Wool Blanket (size 26 x 34). Can you suggest where I can find a blanket/duvet cover that fits it? Thanks.                               Baby Blanket in Pure Untreated Wool

DWD Answer:

We appreciate your question, Nancy! This was a new one for us – as the Baby Wool Blankets are most often used directly in contact with your baby/toddler. They often become that favorite snugly blanket that they carry with them everywhere.

I am not familiar with where you would be able to find a cover in those dimensions – nor does LANACare carry this item.

We will pass it along to LANACare and contact you if we get any positive responses.

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Nursing Pads Combo Top Seller Again in February 2013

LANACare Nursing Pads Combo repeated its sales success in February 2013. Hocosa’s wonderful Long Sleeve V-neck Shirts (in Demeter Wool and Silk Blend) came in a very respectable second place. But the third place by Ekstra version of LANACare Nursing Pads indicates that it’s been the season of nursing pads.

LANACare Nursing Pad Combos Include


Woolen Nursing Pads Recommended For Treatment of Raynaud’s Syndrome or Vasospasms

We gratefully thank Catherine Watson Genna BS, IBCLC, well-known lactation consultant, for her recognition of the benefits of LANACare woolen nursing pads. In her book, Selecting and Using Breastfeeding Tools: Improving Care and Outcomes,  page 9, she recommends wool nursing pads for treatment of Raynaud’s Syndrome or vasospasms.

“Vasospasm is a reflex constriction of blood vessels in the skin, reducing blood supply and usually causing pain… Mothers with vasospasm … can be advised to immediately pat their nipples dry to avoid evaporative chilling, and then cover them with something that preserves warmth, such as a wool nursing pad.  Wool wicks excess moisture away from the nipple, allowing it to evaporate from the surface of the wool rather than from the skin.  Untreated wool nursing pads are sold by Danish Woolen Delight (LANACare Nursing Pads –”

Thank you, Catherine!

Nursing Pads Combo Rules in January

LANACare Nursing Pads Combo took home the trophy in January 2013 and it was not even close. We sold almost twice as much in nursing pads packed together with Lanolin Soap – and discounted – as the second most popular item. Which were the Original Nursing Pads themselves …

LANACare Nursing Pad Combos Include

LANACare Baby Carrier Blanket placed third with Hocosa’s Long Underwear Pants in Demeter Wool Silk Blend for Men close behind.


December Bestseller is Hocosa Long Underwear Shirt with Long Sleeves in Demeter Wool Silk Blend

Hocosa Long Underwear Shirt with Long Sleeves in Demeter Wool Silk BlendIt was a busy December at! Thanks to all who shopped with us, we hope that the quality products we offer made your holiday season much more memorable.

The final month’s bestseller in our online store was the Long Underwear Shirt with Long Sleeves in Demeter Wool Silk Blend from Hocosa followed closely by Long Underwear Pants in Demeter Wool Silk Blend from the same manufacturer.

It is a premium quality long underwear made by Hocosa Woolens, imported from Switzerland. 70/30% wool/silk blend unites the best qualities of each for a unique textile. Available in Natural White and Black in 4 different sizes.

The Hocosa long underwear shirt is made is Swiss made premium item. It is made in Switzerland of 70/30% blend of wool and silk in unification of their respective best qualities. Wool absorbs moisture without feeling wet, keeping you warm & dry. Silk provides durability and extra softness. Natural fibers breathe, maintaining a comfortable temperature in warmth or cold.

Third and fourth place went to Double Layered Balaclava (Nelson Hat) in Organic Merino Wool, and Baby and Toddler Blanket in Pure Soft Untreated Wool respectively.